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Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO) is a generation and transmission electric cooperative supplying wholesale electric power to 7 distribution cooperatives covering 6,500 square miles in western Iowa. These distribution cooperatives supply retail power to over 30,000 members/consumers. NIPCO serves these customers with over 900 miles of 69kV transmission line and 80 distribution substations. Incorporated in 1949 and headquartered in Le Mars, Iowa, NIPCO is a Touchstone Energy® electric cooperative and a member of Basin Electric Power Cooperative.

NIPCO 2023 Annual Meeting

NIPCO's 2023 Annual Meeting details and registration information. The NIPCO Annual Meeting will be conducted on Tuesday, April 11, 2023.

NIPCO History

NIPCO was formed by several western Iowa rural electric cooperatives who shared one common goal: to improve life and grow...


Today, NIPCO employs approximately 44 people who are committed to providing the safest, most reliable, most affordable, and environmentally responsible...

Board of Directors

Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative is governed by a board of 7 directors who, each, are elected to represent the Board...

NIPCO Senior Leadership

Meet the senior management team and see how they impact the organization

NIPCO Mission, Vision, and Goals

NIPCO's mission, vision, and goals provide clear direction for NIPCO staff and operations to achieve success while meeting existing and future challenges facing our...

Legislative & Regulatory

NIPCO dedicates itself to partnering with regional, statewide, and national generation & transmission cooperatives, distribution cooperatives, utilities, and industry partners...

Touchstone Energy®

We are a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative. Think of your not-for-profit Touchstone Energy cooperative as your very own local energy advisor. After...