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NIPCO 2022 Annual Meeting

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Graphic illustration of NIPCO's 2022 Annual Meeting logo, "Charging Forward."

NIPCO 2022 Annual Meeting: "Charging Forward."

NIPCO's 2022 Annual Meeting was conducted on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at the Stoney Creek Hotel Rivers Bend Conference Center in Sioux City, Iowa.

"Charging Forward" was this year's theme for NIPCO's 2022 Annual Meeting as 2021 operations provided a springboard for NIPCO’s future of service. With a vision for shaping service that will meet the needs of the next generation of cooperative membership, the NIPCO staff and directors undertook a strategic planning deep dive, continued its efforts to upgrade and replace infrastructure that is fifty years old or more, launched its innovative battery storage project, and introduced an electric vehicle into its transportation fleet.

Special thanks to our presenters:

  • Todd Telesz, CEO & General Manager of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, who provided an update on operations at the generation and transmission cooperative.
  • Jim Horan, Executive Director of Mid-West Electric Consumers Association, who spoke about the mission and purpose of the organization as it advocates for and supports consumers of hydropower within the Missouri River Basin.
  • Elaine Johns, President and CEO of Enervision, Inc., who offered insight into blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and its impacts on utilities across the US.

NIPCO Board of Director President Louis Reed's 2022 Address to Membership

2021 NIPCO Annual Report

Results of the NIPCO Director Reorganizational Meeting

April 5, 2022

  • President - Louis C. Reed (Western Iowa Power Cooperative)
  • Vice President - Ronald C. Steinhoff (Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative)
  • Treasurer - Thomas J. Wagner (North West Rural Electric Cooperative)
  • Secretary - Trent A. Will (Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative)
  • Director - Dr. James R. Else, D.V.M. (WIMECA - Western Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association)
  • Director - Bryan D. Greve (Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Cooperative)
  • Director - A. James Sharp (Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative)

2022 NIPCO Annual Meeting Videos

Did you catch the videos we shared at the 2022 NIPCO Annual Meeting? NIPCO and its member cooperative representatives share how the Seven Cooperative Principles are important in how we serve member-consumers and the communities we serve.

The Seven Cooperative Principles:

  1. Open and Voluntary Membership - Jasmine Salgado (WIPCO)
  2. Democratic Member Control - Trent Will (Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative)
  3. Members' Economic Participation - Lyle Korver (North West Rural Electric Cooperative)
  4. Autonomy and Independence - Matt Washburn (NIPCO)
  5. Education, Training, and Information - Angela Catton (NIPCO)
  6. Cooperation Among Cooperative - Steve Harringa (NIPCO)
  7. Concern for Community Jeremy Carroll (WIMECA-Manning Municipal Utilities)

 Photo of N-Ovation Award

Congratulations to NIPCO's 2022 N-Ovation Award Winners!

NIPCO's Board of Directors awarded two N-Ovation Awards (formerly known as the "N-Award") in 2022. The award symbolizes the recipient's time advancing the electric cooperative industry, NIPCO's G&T family, and NIPCO's operations, corporate mission, vision, and values. For 47 years, this honor has been bestowed to worthy individuals for their outstanding contributions to NIPCO. Candidates are nominated and selected by the NIPCO board of directors.

Find out who were recognized.