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NIPCO 2022 Annual Meeting

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NIPCO 2022 Annual Meeting

NIPCO's 2022 Annual Meeting will be conducted on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at the Stoney Creek Hotel Rivers Bend Conference Center in Sioux City, Iowa. More details and an agenda will be posted at a future date.

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2021 NIPCO Annual Meeting Highlights

Did you catch the videos we shared at the 2021 NIPCO Virtual Annual Meeting? NIPCO Employees share why they feel NIPCO is "Stronger Together".

STRONGER TOGETHER Employee Video Interviews

NIPCO asked employees: "With all of the social distancing and separation efforts in 2020, what do you think has changed that has made us "Stronger Together"?

2021 NIPCO Annual Report

Jennifer Mack (Human Resources Administrator) & Andrew Paulsen (System Project Engineer)

Chad Barthman (Right-of-Way, Inspection, and Safety Coordinator) & Ron Steinhoff (Vice President, NIPCO Board of Directors)

Lisa Ludwigs (Accounting Services Manager) & Jacob Jochims (Journeyman Lineman - Onawa)