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Photo of Steve Ver Mulm

Steve Ver Mulm

Vice President of Engineering and Operations

Steve Ver Mulm came to the NIPCO organization in 1976 as a Planning Engineer, after receiving a degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University. Ver Mulm obtained his Professional Engineering license in 1981. Throughout his career at NIPCO, Ver Mulm has served in a variety of management roles, being promoted to Vice President of Engineering & Operations in 1994. 

Ver Mulm has devoted his 40-plus year career to the development, maintenance and reliability of the NIPCO transmission infrastructure and NIPCO’s load management operation and strategy. Ver Mulm and his engineering and operational teams are responsible for the NIPCO system reliability, day-to-day operation of system-wide construction and maintenance, outages and the restoration process, emergency preparedness, safety, electric load management and growth, and the implementation of energy efficiency best practices and policy.

When NIPCO became a member of Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a Regional Transmission Organization, in 2015, Ver Mulm was a key member of the leadership team. He and his engineering and operations staff remain intricately involved in the relationship with SPP in regard to NIPCO's role as a Transmission Owner (TO)