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Image features a residential street-scape at dusk with the street lights turned on.

NIPCO is a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative

Focused on Your Street. Not Wall Street.

If you are served by a rural electric cooperative in western Iowa, your cooperative is, likely, a member of NIPCO. The best part about being a member of your electric cooperative is just that … it’s your energy cooperative. You have a say in how your co-op is run because membership also equals ownership. Being locally owned, operated and democratically run means you can trust NIPCO and your electric cooperative to focus on your needs, local priorities and decisions that are best for your community.

Electric cooperatives are organized around a strong commitment to make a difference and provide excellent service to our members. That’s why NIPCO and the Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives of Western Iowa invest time, money and expertise to build our local economy. Unlike large investor-owned utilities, we are rooted right here in western Iowa. We live here. We work here. We raise our families here. We strive to improve members’ quality of life by taking leadership roles in community development projects, educating youth, and generously donating time, energy, and resources to schools, nonprofits and community events.     

Over the years, we have answered the call to provide additional benefits and services because it is extremely important to us that our community thrives and prospers. This is why NIPCO and our members offer energy efficiency programs, safety education for cooperative members and the youth in the community, options to incorporate renewable energy into your home and lifestyle, and a host of other opportunities that support Touchstone Energy's four foundations of value: Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, and Commitment to Community. See how your co-op lives the Touchstone Energy promise to be...


Image features the NIPCO logo that reades, "NIPCO: A Touchstone Energy Cooperative".