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22 Ways to Unplug if the Power Goes Out

  • Posted: 12.18.2020
child reading by flashlight under a blanket
Image: Amberrose Nelson from Pixabay

While our cooperative has an excellent record of maintaining power through storms, some, such as the derecho in August, are just too much for poles and lines.

If you find yourself trying to keep yourself (or others) entertained during a power outage, save the battery power on your phones and other electronics for emergencies or weather updates, and consider these “unplugged” activities instead. For lighting, rely on light coming in from the windows during the day, and at night, turn on flashlights or lanterns, or light a fire in the fireplace.

For kids:
1. Read a book by flashlight or lantern light
2. Play board or card games
3. Look at old photos of themselves or older relatives
4. Tell ghost stories in the dark or in front of the fireplace
5. Make shadow figures by flashlight
6. Make a fort out of boxes or furniture covered with blankets
7. Sing songs
8. Play Simon Says

Get creative:
9. Write a story
10. Make up jokes and share them
11. Draw or paint a picture
12. Set up an indoor bowling alley with plastic cups as pins
13. Undertake a fix-it project you’ve been putting off

Practice self-care:
14. Take a nap
15. Paint your nails
16. Go for a run or hike if it’s safe to be outdoors (be careful of ice or downed power lines) or play outdoors with the kids making snow angels or a snow fort
17. Check in on your neighbors
18. Practice a skill (or teach the kids) such as a second language, hand-sewing or knitting, or tying knots

Around the house:
19. Clean the house or organize drawers or cupboards
20. Rearrange furniture
21. Fold laundry or organize a closet
22. Get seeds started for spring and place the containers under grow lights

Source: Safe Electricity