2017 Energy Trail Tour

  • Posted: 09.07.2016

NIPCO 2017 Energy Trail Tour Scheduled for July, August

2017 will maker the 30th year that NIPCO and its member cooperatives have led more than one hundred consumer-members to the Dakotas on the Energy Trail Tour. The goal? To connect western Iowa members at the switch with the generation resources that deliver the power there. 

Each summer, members who participate in the Energy Trail Tours learn about electric generation and meet the people responsible for providing the electric power that is delivered to their homes, farms, and businesses in western and central Iowa. 

Each year, tours showcase generation facilities including hydro, coal-fired and wind and also educate participants on the benefits of carbon capture and the land stewardship efforts at Coteau Properties’ Freedom Mine. 

In addition to the tours of the facilities, members learn about electric cooperative history and gain a new understanding and pride in cooperative ownership, promoting the cooperative advantage and humanizing the electric generation process.

The Energy Trail Tour provides consumer-members a personal journey to understand and appreciate the value of an electric generation portfolio that includes coal as a part of America’s energy mix. 

Three days of experiencing the passion, innovation, and dedication of NIPCO’s power providers shapes consumer-members’ perceptions of how electricity is generated in a carbon-constrained world. In 2017, tour dates are July 12-14 and August 2-4. Participants are chosen by their local cooperatives, who assist in sponsoring their experience.

Three days of food and fun on Energy Trail Tours builds lasting relationships between consumer-members, their rural electric cooperatives, and the people responsible for providing their power. Now, that’s an experience worth getting on board for!

2017 Energy Trail Tour dates have been set for July 12-14 and August 13-15. For information on how to participate, contact your cooperative.