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North West REC and Perdue Premium Meats Partner in NIPCO's Prairie Winds Program

  • Posted: 08.28.2019
image of a wind turbine against a blue sky background
NIPCO receives 39% of its electric generation from renewable resources such as wind and water.

NIPCO was pleased to work with North West REC and its commercial account, Perdue Premium Meats (formerly Sioux Preme Packing Company), located just south of Sioux Center, Iowa. North West REC collaborated with the processing facility to provide a resource, known as the Prairie Winds program, which would allow them to meet their corporate goal to become more environmentally sustainable in their operations.

“The corporate strategy of Perdue Premium Meats is to transition to fully support renewable energy and the Prairie Winds program was a good fit for them,” stated Lyle Korver, General Manager of North West REC, headquartered in Orange City, Iowa.

The Prairie Winds program is offered by NIPCO to its member systems to support renewable energy development. The perceived environmental benefits associated with the production of one kWh of electricity from an electric generating facility generally regarded as a source of environmentally preferred energy, such as wind, small hydro, solar, or biomass is known as a “Green Tag”. NIPCO receives an annual allotment of Green Tags from its primary power supplier, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, that NIPCO makes available to its members to sell to commercial or residential members who wish to invest in renewable energy resources.

Green Tags are sold in Renewable Energy Credit (REC) blocks of 100 kWh which are available to purchase through any of NIPCO’s member cooperatives. RECs are available to purchase by any residential or commercial/industrial/agricultural member of one of NIPCO’s seven member systems.

NIPCO supports consumer interest in the development of renewable energy resources and is pleased to offer options such as the Prairie Winds program.

Left to right: Matt Washburn, NIPCO Executive Vice President and General Manager, Gary Malenke, President of Perdue Premium Meats, and North West REC General Manager Lyle Korver pose with the Renewable Energy Credit Certificate, certifying the company's investment into alternate energy resources.

“Perdue Premium Meats is the first commercial account of North West REC to sign up for 100% of their annual kWh consumption through this program. We hope this program will serve as a model for other residential and commercial members considering an investment in alternative energy strategies.” -Lyle Korver, General Manager of North West REC