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Save Energy, Save Money

  • Posted: 02.21.2019
cover for the booklet, hand adjusting a wall thermostat
Image: Department of Energy

From weatherizing to appliances, from new home design to rental properties, and from alternative vehicle fuels to renewable energy sources, this guide from the U.S. Department of Energy provides tips and suggestions to answer questions you may have.


  • How much insulation is recommended for attics, walls and floors in our part of Iowa
  • How to seal air ducts; a good way to direct heat where you want it, not into areas that don’t need heating and cooling
  • 4 primary ways to reduce water heating bills (which account for about 13% of your home’s energy usage)
  • How to read window labels and choose the best windows for your home
  • Online comparison tools for choosing Energy Star rated appliances
  • … And more!

Download the pdf version of Tips on Saving Money and Energy in Your Home, found on the website.

After reviewing the guide and selecting topics to explore, find more detail on the Energy Saver website.