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Your cooperative is currently approaching peak energy demand. Special energy saving measures may be necessary.

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Image of GFCI outlet plug installed on a wall

Springtime Tasks for Safety and Efficiency

  • Posted: 03.22.2019

Besides spring cleaning and getting your garden ready for planting, there are some additional tasks you might want to take care of this spring to ensure your family’s safety and to save energy.

Image from the Department of Energy features a close-up photo of a person's hand, adjusting a wall thermostat

Save Energy, Save Money

  • Posted: 02.21.2019

This updated energy saver publication provides a plethora of information about how you can enjoy home energy savings.

Smart Home lightbulb with grphically represented links to various types of technology

Home System Trends

  • Posted: 02.21.2019

Discover one expert’s take on efficiency and household convenience upgrades popular this year.

Students studying a model wind turbine in thier classroom

NIPCO Energizes High School Science Curriculum

  • Posted: 01.24.2019

This past fall, students at Le Mars Community High School were able to deepen their understanding of renewable energy generation, thanks to a donation from NIPCO to purchase a classroom set of “KidWind” turbine kits.

mailbox with letters floating in

Why We Advertise

  • Posted: 01.24.2019

Understand why you hear us on the radio, see us on TV and receive mailings from us.

NIPCO Celebrates 2018 Service Anniversaries

NIPCO Celebrates 2018 Service Anniversaries

  • Posted: 01.24.2019

NIPCO Directors and employees are passionate about their commitment to NIPCO’s “Members FIRST” promise and contribute in many ways to NIPCO’s mission. Six NIPCO employees and one Director celebrated service anniversaries in 2018. Find out who were honored for their years of service.