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Your cooperative is currently approaching peak energy demand. Special energy saving measures may be necessary.

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Graph showcases ownership of housebold devices by age to support the news story. The smartphone is the number one device for users, ages 18-74. Source: Touchstone Energy, 2018. Co-op Insights©: A Snapshot into the 2017-18 National Survey on the Cooperative Difference Survey. Technology Adoption & Website Interaction, p18. (Used with permission.)

NIPCO Network News has Gone Digital (and Why You Should, too!)

  • Posted: 01.24.2019

NIPCO's quarterly newsletter, Network News, is moving to a digital format in order to increase online interaction and to allow for a better exchange of information by enhancing the reader experience to go beyond the limitations of a printed page. Are YOU receiving our newsletter, digitally?

A NIPCO employee signs the pledge banner near her family photo to symbolize her commitment to work safely.

Commitment to Zero Contacts: Why We Work Safe

  • Posted: 01.24.2019

“Commitment to Zero Contacts” is a voluntary initiative that provides resources to help eliminate injuries by electrical contacts. In January of 2019, every NIPCO employee took the pledge to "Commit to Zero Contacts".

Pulling a credit card out of a wallet in front of a computer

Give Wisely and Well

  • Posted: 11.16.2018

The holidays are a time of giving. If you plan to donate to charities this holiday season, avoid being taken and follow these suggestions before you give.