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WIPCO Director is being filmed while standing in front of a barn

NIPCO, Members Collaborate to Create Video Campaign

  • Posted: 11.15.2019

NIPCO members collaborated on the development of a series of :15 videos and other creative materials to highlight characteristics that make electric cooperatives unique. The “Powering Communities, Improving Lives” campaign was launched in the Fall of 2019.

woman ironing

Beware of Appliance Fires

  • Posted: 10.23.2019

The number of appliances that can cause fires is larger than you might imagine. Find out how and why these electrical helpers can turn deadly.

Chuck Soderberg

It's Time to Stop a Taxing Problem for Rural Iowa

  • Posted: 10.23.2019

Tax law changes create risks for raising rates for members of electric cooperatives: a perspective by Chuck Soderberg, executive vice president and general manager of Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives.

Fairgoers interacting with the state fair exhibit

New Booth Drives Engagement at the Iowa State Fair

  • Posted: 08.28.2019

New for 2019, Iowa’s generation and transmission cooperatives installed a cohesive booth designed with focused messaging engagement as part of their Iowa State Fair sponsorship of the 4-H exhibits building at the Iowa State Fair.