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Your cooperative is currently experiencing high energy demand. Special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Crews work to restore NIPCO transmission infrastructure damaged by April's winter storm

NIPCO Eligible for FEMA Assistance to Recoup Losses from Spring Storm

  • Posted: 08.27.2019

Springtime storms contributed to significant damage to NIPCO’s transmission infrastructure when Winter Storm Wesley took aim at the northern Plains bringing with it rain, snow, ice, and straight line-winds that took down 65 of NIPCO’s transmission poles. NIPCO will qualify for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) assistance to help recoup the financial impacts to the cooperative.

birds on an electric wire

Tidbits About Electricity

  • Posted: 08.20.2019

View this short, award-winning video from Safe Electricity to find out more about how electricity works and how to make sure YOU stay safe near energized power lines.

woman folding clothes from a dryer

What's New With Clothes Dryers?

  • Posted: 08.20.2019

Turns out, there are a lot of new features and technologies in this hum-drum appliance. Find out the must have and nice-to-have options available.