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people watching fireworks display

Celebrate July 4 Safely

  • Posted: 06.24.2019

With a wide range of fireworks being legal in Iowa, step up your safety precautions to enjoy a fun and safe July 4th holiday.

uninterruptible power supply unit

Low Voltage Power Dangers

  • Posted: 06.24.2019

You probably are aware that electrical surges are dangerous, but what do you know about the dangers when there isn’t enough electrical power?

plugging a charger into a phone

Cables for Charging Electronics

  • Posted: 05.23.2019

There are times when a cheap accessory is a good buy. But when it comes to charging electronics, the wrong cable can be an expensive mistake.

Image features artist rendering of proposed booth design

Iowa Cooperatives State Fair Booth Refresh Underway

  • Posted: 05.02.2019

It’s hard to improve on some Iowa State Fair originals – corn dogs, cotton candy, lemonade shake-ups (we all have our favorite stand) – but when it comes to the Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives of Iowa booth located in the Bruce L. Rastetter 4-H Building, some updating was in order.