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changing a furnace filter


  • Posted: 01.25.2021

How can your indoor air quality (IAQ) affect your ability to keep your family safe at this time of COVID?

Loop field for geothermal

Geothermal Tax Credits Extended

  • Posted: 01.25.2021

Good news: If you are replacing your HVAC unit soon, it pays to consider geothermal as an option as there are three tax credits/exemptions available to Iowans for installing this renewable energy source.

From Tube Caddy to Laser Beams: Schiltz Retires After 45 Years

From Tube Caddy to Laser Beams: Schiltz Retires After 45 Years

  • Posted: 01.07.2021

Keith Schiltz has seen communications technology evolve from filament tubes to transistors, then from transistors to solid state chips and then to surface mount chips. Devoting his entire career to NIPCO, Schiltz retired in January 2021 with 45 years of service to the cooperative.

NIPCO Recognizes 2020 Service Anniversaries

NIPCO Recognizes 2020 Service Anniversaries

  • Posted: 12.28.2020

In November of 2020, NIPCO celebrated milestone service anniversaries for eight employees and three directors. Find out who was recognized for their dedication to the generation and transmission cooperative.


Do you need a Humidifier?

  • Posted: 12.18.2020

Is dry air causing sore throats, coughing, and static cling? Perhaps it’s time to add moisture to your home. Read on for the benefits of humidifiers and how to purchase and care for these appliances.