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Close-up photo of the Board Room gavel and gavel pad with the NIPCO board room sign in the background.

NIPCO Directors Approve 2021 Wholesale Rate

  • Posted: 10.27.2020

At the October 2020 Board Meeting, the NIPCO Board of Directors approved a resolution setting NIPCO's 2021 Wholesale Power Rate. Rates are impacted by several factors. Here is what members can expect and how the rate was calculated.

Photo image of high voltage transmission lines at sunset

The Value Proposition of All-Requirements Wholesale Power Contracts

  • Posted: 10.22.2020

For NIPCO and its members, the value of the wholesale power contract not only provides long-term reliable power delivery and stability, it brings with it a long-term partnership with a network of organizations who collaborate to enhance the services and the strength of the power network.

Photo of the four NIPCO line crew who assisted in the restoration efforts

Mutual Aid Knows No Boundaries

  • Posted: 10.21.2020

NIPCO has long understood the value of "Cooperation Among Cooperatives", one of the seven cooperative principles under which we operate. After an unprecedented derecho storm struck central and east central Iowa in August, this cooperative business model supported mutual aid efforts from several Iowa electric cooperatives to assist in restoration efforts.