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Annual Meeting Celebrates Diamond Anniversary

Updated: Jan 31

Black and white photo of a group of men gathered around a large table.
The NIPCO Board of Directors, circa 1955

The journey to electrify rural western Iowa faced significant obstacles, but a grassroots movement emerged during the Great Depression to bring electricity to homes, farms, and businesses. Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs) realized that forming a power supply cooperative was essential to provide affordable electricity, avoiding higher costs from original suppliers. On January 17, 1949, representatives from thirteen western Iowa RECs met at the Lewis Hotel in Cherokee, Iowa, marking the beginning of NIPCO's story, now celebrating its 75th anniversary.

NIPCO's 2024 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 2, at the Stoney Creek Hotel in Sioux City, Iowa. The theme, "Many Facets. One Mission.," commemorates NIPCO's diamond anniversary, acknowledging its resilience and adaptability. Similar to diamonds forming under pressure, NIPCO has overcome challenges to provide reliable electricity. Looking to the future, the changing energy landscape and the need to reduce carbon footprints require adaptation. However, like diamonds symbolizing endurance and brilliance, NIPCO is ready to shine brighter in this new era.

As we celebrate our diamond anniversary, we reflect on the rare gems' extraordinary formation—a result of the perfect convergence of time and pressure. The true value of our journey is evident in the clarity and brilliance of our meticulously crafted, multi-faceted design. As part of the NIPCO family of electric cooperatives, we are shaped by individuals who recognize that the radiance of our service shines brightest through the diverse facets of our employees' daily efforts in serving our members.

We invite you to join us for this historic occasion and continue making history together.

Register before Wednesday, March 26, by calling the NIPCO office at 712-546-4141 or via our Annual Meeting Page.


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