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Smart Choices is a free, monthly newsletter delivered directly to your Inbox and features local news from your cooperative, electric safety information and energy efficiency tips.

Smart Choices newsletters are delivered via email around the first of every month.

Each month in 2021, we are giving away a prize to one lucky reader of Smart Choices! We have buried a code in one of our monthly feature stories. DID YOU FIND THIS MONTH'S CODE? If so, enter it in the form below, along with your information, and click submit. One prize will be awarded by the co-op, every month. The prize winner will be selected from all submitted entries during the month. Prizes will vary.

Only one registration per person, per month.

Which month of Smart Choices did you find the code?
Enter the code exactly as it is published in Smart Choices. Codes entered in error will be disqualified.
Name of the electric cooperative who serves you. If you don't know, please answer: "I don't know."
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