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We Power Rural Iowa

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NIPCO Powers Rural Iowa

Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative was formed in 1949 by thirteen original incorporators with one common goal: to improve life in rural northwest Iowa. 

By connecting farms and communities through a complex grid of electric power lines, member-owners were suddenly thrust into a mindset that they were all working together to ensure growth and prosperity in this region for the benefit of future generations.

Sixty-five years and 30,000 member-owners later, NIPCO continues to deliver improved quality of life to northwest Iowa through six distribution cooperatives and one municipal electric cooperative, providing services that connect its members well beyond the original vision of those formative years. 

While NIPCO’s primary responsibility is to provide safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible wholesale electric power to its Class A Members, connectivity across the region isn’t limited to poles and wires. Connectivity is through advocacy on issues of safety, regulatory issues, the Clean Power Plan and engaging with presidential candidates by asking them their energy plans for the future. Connectivity is through programs that support energy efficiency and economic development to promote sustainable load growth. Connectivity is through a dedicated and skilled workforce to serve its members. Connectivity is through demonstrated community leadership, compassion and a strong, local presence.

The electric industry is evolving. Renewable technology is advancing. The very essence of the traditional business model is being challenged on every front. The next generation of rural electric member-owners will expect its power provider to engage with them in a way that not only honors the cooperative principles to support safe, reliable, and affordable service, but connects with them to build a legacy of innovation, community involvement, and environmentally sustainable service for their children and grandchildren.

Connectivity is also achieved by putting members first in operational decisions made from a new generation of NIPCO leadership which is dedicated to a long-range strategy that includes innovation, accountability, integrity, and commitment to the communities we serve.

It is this connectivity that will enable NIPCO and its members to build a future that is more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

Making Electricity

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Delivering Electricity

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NIPCO Economic Development

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Southwest Power Pool

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