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Switch Makes Cents newspaper advertisement. Ad copy is described.

Switch Makes Cents 1984 Newspaper Advertisement

Caption on advertising image reads: Jeff Warren, REC member-service man, shows how easy it is for members to get their Bonus Certificate check by signing up in advance for the “Switch Makes Cents” program.

Advertising Headline reads: How to get a check for yourself

Advertising body copy reads: To introduce you to the new “Switch Makes Cents” program, your REC is offering you a one-time “Bonus Certificate” that can mean real dollar savings for you.

Here’s how it works. When REC members install qualifying new or replacement electric hot water heaters, or electric heating or cooling devices and sign up in advance for the new Switch Makes Cents program, the REC will issue you a Bonus Certificate check based on the Kilowatt rating on the nameplate of the device.

Signing up for the Switch Makes Cents program means that you agree in advance to allow the REC to connect a control switch to your newly purchased equipment, that will let them manage your demand for electricity during peak use periods without altering your lifestyle. And, beginning late summer or early fall, your REC will be able to give you a special rate on the electricity that your controlled equipement uses. You could save hundreds of dollars a year.

Call your REC or get in touch with your member-service man today, and see why we say, “Switch Makes Cents!”

Advertising tagline: Your Local REC With Power Supplied By NIPCO

(with NIPCO's logo featured)