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2024 NIPCO Annual Meeting

NIPCO's 2024 Annual Meeting was held Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at the Stoney Creek Hotel Rivers Bend Conference Center in Sioux City, Iowa


"Many Facets. One Mission." our theme for NIPCO's 2024 Annual Meeting marks NIPCO's 75th-year of operations since its incorporation in 1949 as western Iowa's generation and transmission cooperative electric service provider.

As we celebrate our diamond anniversary, we reflect on the rare gems' extraordinary formation—a result of the perfect convergence of time and pressure. The true value of our journey is evident in the clarity and brilliance of our meticulously crafted, multi-faceted design. As part of the NIPCO family of electric cooperatives, we are shaped by individuals who recognize that the radiance of our service shines brightest through the diverse facets of our employees' daily efforts in serving our members.

Let's continue to make history together.



NIPCO commemorates our diamond anniversary this year and, as we celebrate our 75 year tradition of service to our members, we must also look to the path to serve our members for generations to come.  


Like carbon under pressure, we have evolved, transforming the heat of challenges into opportunities to shine. NIPCO’s journey has been one of resilience and adaptability, just as diamonds emerge from the depths of the Earth under intense pressure. We have weathered storms and overcome obstacles to provide reliable electricity to our members, and today, we must stand stronger than ever.


As we look ahead, we understand that the energy landscape is changing. The pressure to reduce our carbon footprint and transition away from coal is greater than ever before. But, as diamonds symbolize endurance and brilliance, we are prepared to shine even brighter in this new era.


We hope you will join us on April 2 to celebrate NIPCO’s

“Many Facets. One Mission.”


- Matt Washburn

Executive Vice President & General Manager

Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative


David Gattie headshot

David Gattie

Associate Professor, College of Engineering;
Senior Fellow, Center for International Trade & Security

The University of Georgia

The Proposed U.S. Energy Transition: National Security Implications and a Call for Realism

Todd Brickhouse headshot

Todd Brickhouse

Chief Executive Officer & General Manager

Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Basin Electric Power Cooperative Update

Jim Horan headshot

Jim Horan

Executive Director

Mid-West Electric Consumers Association

Mid-West Electric Consumers Association Update

NIPCO Board of Director President Louis Reed's 2024 Address to Membership

Join us as we celebrate NIPCO's 75th Diamond Anniversary with the inspiring Presidential Address from our esteemed Board President Louis Reed. Reflecting on our legacy of service and looking ahead to a future filled with innovation and growth, this video encapsulates the spirit of our cooperative's journey.

Many facets. One mission. Lets continue to shine. Together.

NIPCO Board of Directors President Louis Reed addresses the membership at the 2024 NIPCO Annual Meeting held on April 2, 2024.

NIPCO 2023 Annual Report
2023 Annual Report
Results of the NIPCO Director Reorganizational Meeting

April 2, 2024

  • President - Louis C. Reed (Western Iowa Power Cooperative)

  • Vice President - Ronald C. Steinhoff (Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative)

  • Treasurer - Thomas J. Wagner (North West Rural Electric Cooperative)

  • Secretary - Trent A. Will (Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative)

  • Director - Dr. James R. Else, D.V.M. (WIMECA - Western Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association)

  • Director - Bryan D. Greve (Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Cooperative)

  • Director - Brenda Lundergard (Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative)

2024 NIPCO Annual Meeting Videos

NIPCO: Then & Now - Operations