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Safety & Education

NIPCO provides education and training for their members, elected representatives, managers, and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of their cooperatives. They inform the general public, particularly young people and opinion leaders, about the nature and benefits of cooperation.



Electricity has been rated as the number one invention of all time. We all depend on electricity to power our lives, but accidents can happen when electricity is improperly used. 


NIPCO's concern for safety extends beyond our employees. We care deeply about the safety of our members and we encourage you to "plug into" safety. 


We educate and provide our members with safety materials, trainings, and resources on topics such as safety during harvest, automobile accidents involving power lines, power line safety, summer safety tips, protecting children and pets form electrical hazards, generator safety, electrical safety during a flood, and so much more! 


Safety in Our Cooperative

Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative has always been dedicated to providing safe, reliable and affordable utility service to our members and the communities we serve. The lengths we go to keep you, your family and our linemen safe are a point of pride for us and are never taken lightly.


From acquiring new equipment and implementing new procedures – including installation of new breaker systems that react more quickly in case of a disruption – to increasing awareness of back-up generator systems within the cooperative community and supporting the Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program (RESAP), America’s electric cooperatives strive to promote the highest standard of safety.


High voltage wires and equipment are a constant danger for cooperative lineworkers, but they can also pose a danger to cooperative members. That is why electric cooperatives are proud to be at the forefront of electrical safety equipment development, as well as electrical safety education.



Our line crews participate in regular safety meetings and training sessions. These courses ensure that our employees are constantly reminded of the safety aspect of the job and the importance of using equipment in the safest manner possible.

Safety in Our Communities

In addition to safety training for employees, NIPCO is continuously raising awareness of electrical safety in our communities by performing demonstrations at local schools and community events. There, we show members just how easy it is for an accident to occur when working with electricity and how to prevent these dangerous, and sometimes deadly, mishaps.


We also increase awareness of electrical safety by engaging with volunteer fire departments, emergency medical teams and sheriff’s departments on a regular basis, offering education courses and demonstrations. These programs keep service men and women, as well members of the community, safe.


At NIPCO, we know that the more people we have in our communities who are knowledgeable about electrical safety, the safer we all will be. That’s why we strive, every day, to raise awareness of, and encourage development in, electrical safety.

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Image by Max Kukurudziak

NIPCO's 5 to Stay Alive
Electric Fire Safety Campaign

First responders are the first in line and their safety is on the line. In November of 2021, Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative launched the "NIPCO's 5 to Stay Alive" electrical fire safety campaign geared toward emergency first responders, especially those in western Iowa. The safety campaign was created to educate western Iowa police, fire, and emergency management services (EMS) personnel on NIPCO's five safety protocols to follow when responding to incidents on or near NIPCO power lines.


To protect the public, members of police, fire, and EMS departments should not jeopardize their own safety, which can happen quickly when electric substations and transmission lines are involved.

Image by Travis Essinger

Safe Fields. Powerful Yields.

When you work your fields, you're not just thinking about this season; you're already sowing plans for future yields. You dedicate time and resources to decisions impacting healthy returns for generations.


But the most powerful resource you devote to your operation... is YOU. Safety is the number one component of a successful harvest year after year and the most valuable legacy you can leave your family.

Planting seeds of safety when working around power lines can be the difference between safe harvests and one interrupted by a costly contact with energized power lines. Take the time to be aware of infrastructure in, on, or above your fields.

It's more than a field. It's a life.

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