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Mission, Vision, & Goals


Our Mission

To provide wholesale energy supply, communications, and related services for the benefit of the member cooperatives and the communities of western Iowa in a safe, reliable, competitive, and environmentally responsible manner.

Our Vision

To be a “best in class” wholesale energy and related services provider through...

  • Optimum electric service reliability

  • Excellence in member/customer services

  • Partnering with members for load retention and growth

  • Solid quality business practices

  • Exploring business diversification and revenue enhancement opportunities which complement our core business

  • Innovative, forward-thinking, and proactive business decisions and applications

  • Seeking member/customer input and feedback

  • Progressive community involvement

  • Maintaining our local presence

  • Competitive wholesale rates

  • Environmental responsibility

  • Leveraging our networks to foster economic growth in western Iowa


Our Goals

Rate Competitiveness

Achieve and maintain competitive wholesale rates for its member cooperatives through the effective management of system load, efficient use of resources and wholesale rate design.

Member Services

Continually assess the performance of existing services and identify, evaluate and pursue new services in a member-driven, coordinated manner.

Regional Transmission Organization

Effectively capitalize on NIPCO’s position as a TO (Transmission Owner) in Southwest Power Pool.


Ensure that NIPCO is continually structured and staffed with employees and other outside resources that consistently demonstrate the qualifications and values required to meet our mission and vision.


NIPCO Network News

Learn more about how NIPCO is delivering on our promises to benefit our members by reading current and archived issues of NIPCO Network News, NIPCO's quarterly newsletter.

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