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Your cooperative is currently experiencing normal energy demand. No special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Photo image of someone blowing foam batting into an attic space

Our Top 5 Energy Efficiency Measures and How We Can Help

  • Posted: 01.10.2020

We believe that the greenest kilowatt-hour is the one that you never use. Our cooperative is a not-for-profit electric cooperative providing safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible power to our members living in western Iowa. We offer a wide variety of incentives to save energy and to save you money. Here are our Top 5...

Photo of an electric vehicle parked in a driveway and plugged into an electric vehicle charger

NIPCO Directors Approve 2020 Rebate Programs

  • Posted: 01.08.2020

Rebates and incentive programs for cooperative consumer-members that encourage the efficient use of electricity have been approved for 2020 and are effective January 1, 2020. The biggest change includes the introduction of rebates for Level 2 electric vehicle chargers.

graphic illustration of a peak alert meter indicating the peak is at high alert

November 2019 Peak Hits New November High

  • Posted: 01.07.2020

An unseasonably cold and wet November produced an all-new record peak for any November in NIPCO's history, thanks to higher-than-anticipated electric heat and crop-drying in western Iowa.

Melody Sherrill demonstrates how the measuring stick once played a big role in meeting preparation at NIPCO.

Sherrill: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

  • Posted: 01.06.2020

After 33 years as NIPCO's Sr. Administrative Assistant, Melody Sherrill's keen eye and positive spirit will be missed around the halls of NIPCO. As for the future of the famed Board Room Stick? One can only guess.

Space heater

Portable Heater Safety

  • Posted: 12.17.2019

When winter hits with full force, our home may need a boost of heat beyond our furnace system. A portable heater offers relief but use it safely.

Lit candles

Candle Safety

  • Posted: 11.25.2019

Candles throw off a warm glow, lighting your dinner table or brightening your holiday décor. However, an open flame is a fire danger.

Smart Outlet Strip with bow on it

Give a Smart Holiday Gift

  • Posted: 11.25.2019

These smart products also make smart presents, as their energy savings and convenience are gifts that keep on giving.