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Copper Theft: Still a Threat

  • Posted: 09.19.2022

This commonly used metal is a valuable part of getting electricity to our members. Copper theft threatens lives and our electric supply.

school bus with a stop sign showing

School Bus Safety

  • Posted: 08.17.2022

With the beginning of the school year, safely transporting students to and from school is critical. While in some towns and cities students can walk to school, many more are transported by school bus.

equipment harvesting corn

Harvest Safety

  • Posted: 08.17.2022

Harvesting crops poses especially high risk for farmers. As we move into harvest time in Iowa, follow these suggestions for taking care of yourself and others working with you.

recycling symbol

Disposing of Old Electronics

  • Posted: 08.17.2022

Electronics such as computers, tablets, phones and gaming systems don’t last forever. As you replace your technology, find out what to do with your worn-out components.

Photo of NIPCO transmission lines with sunrays shining through

Summer Reliability Outlook in Western Iowa

  • Posted: 07.28.2022

In response to a recent summer energy reliability assessment, NIPCO worked with its member cooperatives to reassure western Iowa consumer-members that their energy supply was secure.