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Graphical illustration of Co-op Month ad with the words "Community born. Community led. Focused on you. October is National Co-op Month."

Committed to a Co-op Culture for All

  • Posted: 09.21.2021

YOU are a member of our electric cooperative. That gives you an equal voice and vote in our governance. You have a say in the policies and priorities our co-op sets to benefit our community.

Radon system monitor

Radon, Safety and Energy Efficiency

  • Posted: 09.21.2021

If you seal your home for energy efficiency or want to reduce moisture levels in your basement, you may want to go one step farther and reduce radon levels, too. Here's why.

combine in a field

Take Time to Reap a Safe Harvest

  • Posted: 08.25.2021

Harvest season is a hectic time, with farmers working long hours over longer weeks. Don’t let stress and exhaustion lead to a tragic run-in with electricity as you bring crops in from the field.

NIPCO and Member Co-op Victims of Copper Theft

NIPCO and Member Co-op Victims of Copper Theft

  • Posted: 08.22.2021

On Friday, August 20, between the hours of 10-11PM, Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative and its member distribution cooperative, Western Iowa Power Cooperative, were victims of copper thieves. As a result of this activity, four substations were damaged, two critically.

air source heat pump

How Air-Source Heat Pumps Work

  • Posted: 08.10.2021

Air source heat pumps can provide highly efficient comfort for your home all year long. But how can they produce heat and coolness from outside air?

Photo image of Bruce Christensen standing by a NIPCO work truck.

Christensen Lines Up Retirement

  • Posted: 07.29.2021

After 34 years as a lineman, NIPCO Onawa Crew Foreman Bruce Christensen will trade line work for a fishing line...or his motorcycle...or his golf cart...or his vintage truck. Depends on how he's feeling that day.

breaker box

Circuit Breaker Safety

  • Posted: 07.20.2021

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t think about the details of your electrical service until something goes wrong. Learn more about circuit breakers, an important component of your electrical connection.