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Fireworks display with children watching

Celebrate July 4th safely

  • Posted: 06.20.2017

With a wide range of fireworks now legal in Iowa, step up your safety precautions to enjoy a fun and safe July 4th holiday. 

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fan facts

  • Posted: 05.23.2017

As the weather heats up, ceiling fans can help you keep your cool, and save on AC costs, too.

Metallic balloon

Metallic balloons: electrical danger?

  • Posted: 04.26.2017

Who knew? Those balloons that are part of many spring and summer celebrations—from graduations to Mother’s Day—can pose a very real danger, including power outages, fires and injuries. 

Wind Turbines in Northwest Iowa

Iowa energy production stats

  • Posted: 04.26.2017

With all the talk about renewable energy, ethanol, coal and other energy sources, do you wonder about the stats on Iowa’s energy production? 

IADG President presents Impact Award to Aurelia Municipal Electric Utility Representatives

NIPCO Members Honored for Economic Development Efforts

  • Posted: 04.07.2017

Iowa’s electric cooperatives and municipal utilities actively foster and utilize strategic partnerships to make significant contributions to economic sustainability and community vitality statewide.  Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) annually recognizes their electric utility members for outstanding commitment, support, and participation in business development projects and local community initiatives.  Find out which of Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative members were honored at this year's Annual Meeting.