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4 tick species

It's Tick Time

  • Posted: 04.22.2019

Unfortunately, ticks are out and searching for human and animal hosts this time of year. Find the latest on diseases spread by ticks, how to remove ticks safely and how to avoid them in the first place.

window label

Window Labels Explained

  • Posted: 04.22.2019

When you buy new windows, the label provides important details that can help you choose the best option for your home.

A young boy experiences Lineman 360 by wearing virtual reality goggles

Lineman 360 Earns National Recognition

  • Posted: 04.03.2019

Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO) recently received recognition in the 2019 Spotlight on Excellence Awards program, nationally, for its work on "Lineman 360", a Virtual Reality experience to showcase the kind of work involved in keeping the lights on. (Photo courtesy of North West REC)

Image of metal ductwork

Duct Cleaning

  • Posted: 03.27.2019

Find out whether duct cleaning is recommended and how to avoid getting fooled by a scammer.

Image of GFCI outlet plug installed on a wall

Springtime Tasks for Safety and Efficiency

  • Posted: 03.22.2019

Besides spring cleaning and getting your garden ready for planting, there are some additional tasks you might want to take care of this spring to ensure your family’s safety and to save energy.

Image from the Department of Energy features a close-up photo of a person's hand, adjusting a wall thermostat

Save Energy, Save Money

  • Posted: 02.21.2019

This updated energy saver publication provides a plethora of information about how you can enjoy home energy savings.