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Your cooperative is currently approaching peak energy demand. Special energy saving measures may be necessary.

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Fairgoers interacting with the state fair exhibit

New Booth Drives Engagement at the Iowa State Fair

  • Posted: 08.28.2019

New for 2019, Iowa’s generation and transmission cooperatives installed a cohesive booth designed with focused messaging engagement as part of their Iowa State Fair sponsorship of the 4-H exhibits building at the Iowa State Fair.

Crews work to restore NIPCO transmission infrastructure damaged by April's winter storm

NIPCO Eligible for FEMA Assistance to Recoup Losses from Spring Storm

  • Posted: 08.27.2019

Springtime storms contributed to significant damage to NIPCO’s transmission infrastructure when Winter Storm Wesley took aim at the northern Plains bringing with it rain, snow, ice, and straight line-winds that took down 65 of NIPCO’s transmission poles. NIPCO will qualify for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) assistance to help recoup the financial impacts to the cooperative.