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Your cooperative is currently experiencing normal energy demand. No special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Move Over or Slow Down logo

Move Over or Slow Down

  • Posted: 03.30.2018

Distracted drivers are everywhere—but so are utility workers. Learn more and take the pledge to move over and slow down when passing Iowa utility vehicles with flashing lights.

Man on ladder installing house wrap

Touchstone Energy® Home

  • Posted: 02.23.2018

Thinking of building a home  now or in the future? Start with our checklist to ensure your house is energy efficient, comfortable and durable.

Reading by the light of a lamp

Lighting for Aging Eyes

  • Posted: 01.22.2018

As we age, our eyes change, and our lighting needs change. Get tips on lighting for safety and better vision from the experts.


Generators: Purchasing and Safety

  • Posted: 12.19.2017

If you are thinking of purchasing a generator, here’s info about the size you’ll need to power the critical appliances in your home, and safety suggestions, too.