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NIPCO Returns $11 Million to Members in 2021

NIPCO Returns $11 Million to Members in 2021

  • Posted: 01.17.2022

By returning excess operating margins to its membership, the NIPCO Board of Directors acted in accordance with two cooperative principles: members’ economic participation and democratic member control.

The sun rises on Lawton Substation with the Tesla Megapacks in the foreground.

NIPCO Shares Story of Battery Storage Project

  • Posted: 01.17.2022

Incorporating a pilot project in western Iowa is a concept that has been brought to fruition, thanks to the Cooperative Principle of “Cooperation among Cooperatives” and the efforts of the seven member electric cooperatives of Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO).

Nemmers Calculates Retirement.

Nemmers Calculates Retirement

  • Posted: 01.17.2022

Even though Doug Nemmers knew the job at NIPCO was the right one for him, he accepted another job instead. Forty years later, he looks back on his career at the generation and transmission cooperative.

Two kids walking spot a downed power line and stop.

Steer Clear of Damaged or Downed Power Lines After a Storm

  • Posted: 12.15.2021

In high wind situations, there’s the potential for power outages due to branches, limbs and trees coming into contact with power lines. Our region has been notified of a high wind warning, forecasting wind gusts as high as 60 to 70 miles per hour for most of Iowa.

We are monitoring the conditions and staying in close contact with our power providers.