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Community & Development

NIPCO's commitment to providing outreach programs enables us to personally connect with the communities we serve. NIPCO demonstrates the 7th cooperative principle, Concern for Community, with annual donations of time, talents, and financial resources to several worthy non-profit programs, organizations, and charities that make a difference in Western Iowa. 

Server connections


NIPCO connects communities throughout Western Iowa with telecommunications to improve system reliability. We recognize the value in establishing a robust fiber optic system and does work with national, regional, and local businesses to leverage this asset for the betterment of the rural Western Iowa community by offering dark fiber. 

Drone image of Perry Creek Dairy


NIPCO offers a variety of programs to our member cooperatives within our ten-county service area in Western Iowa. These programs support economic and community development projects in order to increase and diversify sales, create and retain jobs, and to increase the tax base in the NIPCO system.

Linemen restoring power at dusk


Safety, education, and training are key components to providing safe, reliable, competitive, and environmentally responsible power to our members. NIPCO is dedicated to educating the public, students, members, political leaders, and staff about safety, technology, and the benefits of the cooperative business model.

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