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Matt Washburn

Matt Washburn

Executive Vice President & General Manager

Matt Washburn has been employed at NIPCO since 2001. He was named Executive Vice President and General Manager in January of 2016. Prior to his service in this role, Matt held the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and served in this capacity since 2014. Throughout his tenure with NIPCO, Matt has also served as Vice President of Management Services & Chief Financial Officer as well as Chief Operating Officer of NIPCO Development Corporation, a subsidiary of the Cooperative, from 2006 until its operations were merged into the Cooperative in 2011. 

Washburn is responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of the cooperative and played an integral role in NIPCO’s 2015 entry into Southwest Power Pool, a Regional Transmission Organization. 

In addition to the overall management of the organization, Washburn oversees the general cooperative management and governance, cultivates relationships with communities in NIPCO's service territory, represents NIPCO on regional, state, and national industry-related boards and committees, measurers the impact of local, state, and national policies that impact NIPCO and its member electric distribution cooperatives, and provides oversight to the economic development efforts of the cooperative.



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