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NIPCO Repairs Damaged Structure Near Anthon

Monday, June 3, 2024, Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative crews performed a transmission infrastructure repair of an "H" Structure near Anthon, Iowa.

The 69kV transmission structure was comprised of three poles, overtaken by the Little Sioux River due to the recent heavy rains & erosion of the ground.

Crews moved the structure further west on Monday, coordinating with Anthon municipal (a member of Western Iowa Municipal Electric Cooperative Association – WIMECA), the mayor of Anthon, and Woodbury County REC.

The planned outage took less time to complete the structure relocation than anticipated. NIPCO control reports the outage lasted from 11:31 am to 1:16 pm; less than two hours from start to finish. NIPCO frequently performs transmission infrastructure outages to ensure future reliability for its members to prevent unexpected outages, especially in summer and storm season.

Below are pictures from the repair. Thank you to the NIPCO linemen for all their hard work to complete this transition quickly!

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