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Congressman Feenstra Visits Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative

Updated: May 2

Congressman Randy Feenstra speaking to audience at Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative
Congressman Feenstra speaks to audience about energy policies and his goal to create positive solutions to issues affecting rural Iowa communities and the rural electric utility industry.

Wednesday, April 24, NIPCO welcomed Congressman Randy Feenstra to our Le Mars, Iowa headquarters for a visit and tour. During his visit, the Congressman toured our facilities and spoke to many NIPCO staff members about their role in the operations and gained first-hand knowledge from the team that works hard every day to keep the lights on in western Iowa.


Congressman Randy Feenstra represents Iowa’s 4th Congressional District in the House of Representatives and serves on the House Ways and Means Committee as well as the House Agriculture Committee. His strong voice and representation in the House speak volumes for his love of rural Iowa and his commitment to the communities he serves and the electric power industry. As a Hull, Iowa resident, Congressman Feenstra understands what’s important to rural Iowa communities and the importance of reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electric power.


Congressman Feenstra’s thoughtful dialogue with our audience touched on energy policies, the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.), and their impact on rural development. As a strong advocate for our region, he shared his perspectives on the balance between the current administration and the E.P.A. regulations that are actively being pushed. From promoting an all-of-the-above energy strategy to advocating for policies that support economic growth in rural Iowa, the Congressman emphasized the importance of collaboration across the aisle to create positive, constructive solutions on issues that affect our state and across the nation.


Nelson speaks to tour group about technological advancements in NIPCO's control room
NIPCO’s Power Dispatching Manager, Mark Nelson, explains NIPCO’s Smart Grid technology upgraded in 2023 to Congressman Feenstra and tour group. He highlights how NIPCO’s technological advancements help keep the lights on for western Iowa and makes the electrical grid safer and more reliable for our members and staff.

Furthermore, Congressman Feenstra took the opportunity to take questions from our members, employees, and guests about various energy policy topics, economic issues facing our region, and the impact of national policies created by government agencies that go beyond their authority to develop such policies. He fostered meaningful discussions on topics of interest to our members and their communities.


His visit to NIPCO was a testament to his commitment to Iowa and the communities impacted through his work in his Congressional District. His engagement with our staff, members, and guests were insightful, constructive, and useful as he continues his efforts to create a brighter future for western Iowa.


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